Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm not just Fluff and Fiber, I'm Domestic, Handy, and FUN too!

WOW what a weekend. It was so great I can't not share!

I started off Friday night with a trip to Home Depot. Armed with Lumber, Screws, and my power tools I built these! (Started Friday night, finished them Saturday afternoon during nap time, lol.)

We had been using a chair to get in and out of the hot tub. For under $50 I think these steps are a HUGE improvement. PLUS it's so much fun to say you built them yourself! lol

Saturday was Mom and Cully day. We went to the Farmer's Market in the morning and since my Romas are starting to ripen I got all the rest of the goods for Pico De Gallo! My favorite!!!

Sunday was 'date day.' This was a SURPRISE date day my hubby planned! Grandma and Grandpa B. had a fun day with Cully while mom and dad headed up to Traverse City! We went to the Northwestern Michigan Fair, Bower's Harbor Winery, antiquing, and even hit the casino on the way home!

BUT how could I forget dinner at Boone's Long Lake?! Look at this Prime Rib! (This is my husband's NOT mine, I had a mere 8oz compared to his 22 ouncer!)

What an absolutely wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Update on Me & TDF Results

I had to have my appendix removed via emergency surgery on July 13th. I wasn't feeling good when I went to bed, woke up in the morning and was quite sick to my stomach so I called in to work. Now that worried my husband because I NEVER call in sick. Well I explained the pain between 'trying to sleep it off' and he diagnosed the problem immediately, having had his appendix removed in 7th grade. Well off to the Dr. I went at noon, she sent me right to the ER, and by 4pm I was in a GREAT deal of pain and on the operating table. Soooo the last few weeks have been mildly slow as I try and recoup. Mostly I was just tired after the first day or two and I'm pretty much back to full health now.

As for the Tour De Fleece, the surgery put a slight cramp in my overly ambitious plans. I did however finish the following:

9 Scrappy Batts approx 3oz each ~ 24oz. total

10 Yarns ~ 28oz. Total
Singles - Left Mystery roving ball, Right Trade Art Batt from Hobbledehoy (Liz.)

Singles - Roving balls from CJ Kopec Creations (Coby.)

Singles - From my own batts, Red/Blk/White twin to Liz's trade batt, Green twin to the batt I traded a fellow "Michigan Knitter," Vicky, for our new kitty Dukers, and a scrappy batt

Corespun - From my own batts, left plied with metallic cord, right with add-in flip-flops!

2lbs of dyed top, 1lb Polworth and 1lb BFL.

Overall 'FIBER' activity for the tour approx 5.25lbs! No too bad considering I was out of the race only a few days in. How did you do with your Tour Spinning goals?!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What's up Buttercup?

Soooo I've been a bad blogger again, but I'll make up for it with PICTURES on this post! What have I been doing? Well, let's see...

Custom Spinning!
I had a request to spin a couple of my batts for a customer in Australia! I rarely spin my own fiber, but this was a wonderful opportunity to do so.

I LOVE the way the yarn turned out and I hope she does too. She had asked for a Bulky 2-ply, which is not normally how I spin art batts, but WOW is the yarn great. More art yarn 2-plies are in my near future...which leads me to...

Tour De Fleece!
I tried to participate in the tour a few years ago, but failed miserably. Well I am giving it another, more focused, attempt this year! I'm prepping my bobbins,

and plotting my spins. Here's a run down of my goals:


Corespins for a weaving project

Other corespins

Bag of fibers for Singles, including some BAMBOO!

2-plies, including some fun patchwork yarns from some hand dyed merino.

Testing the limits of my Ashford Country spinner and I am going to try a 7-ply from some hand dyed sw wool!

And doing a bit of carding for team "Tour De Batt"!

The other teams I'm on are; Peloton, BohoCrafty, Lendrum, All Spun Up, and Stash Busters. Are you joining any teams? If so use coupon code TDF11 and receive 11% off any purchase in my etsy shop! Good now though the end of the race!!!

Midwest Folk and Fiber Festival
This past weekend my hubby had to work in Michigan City, IN so we borrowed my dad's truck, loaded up his golf clubs (he does demos for PING so he goes to courses with a bunch of product, about 8 golf bags stuffed with clubs, and fits people for new golf clubs) and headed down to MC. Well I notice that Midwest Folk and Fiber was going on only about 2 hrs from where we were, so we made the drive over! It was semi-impromptu, so not much money to spend, but I did pick up a few things,

Warp yarn for above mentioned weaving project, some silk cocoons to dye and play with, and a new fast bobbin for my Lendrum to spin some silk! Also not pictured some new felting needles and a bigger foam felting board (already in use!!!)

I wanted to hook up with some people I knew were there, but couldn't find anyone. :( Oh well it was a nice day with the family. :)

Coats for Sheep!
I have been purchasing fiber from Sandy and the sheepies at Homestead for several years now. Sandy is raising money to coat her babies, and I had to donate. I think what she does is great and I love to support a good cause! I have adopted a sheep named Amelia. :) Here she is,

and will be getting some COATED fleece from her next year! From the website:
"Amelia's ivory Cotswold fleece features curly curls, locks of about 4-5 inches and next to the skin soft." I'm planning a special sheep to shawl project for this lovely endeavor. Hope you will find it in your heart to donate as well!!! Otherwise just visit the Homestead Wool and Gift Farm website and read about what they do, and maybe support her with a purchase. All the fibers I've ever gotten from her have been lovely. :)

Personal Spinning
Here's the first yarn about to come off my Ashford Country spinner. 8oz of corespun and it barely made a dent on what I could fit on that bobbin! WOW I'm in love!!! Need to get a yardage and pick a special project all for ME! :)

That's all for now, TDF updates soon!!! Tour rides July 2nd through July 24th! Go join a Team on Ravelry!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Change of Heart and Time to Refocus

Well our house is for sale BUT we aren't very optimistic about selling it and have actually become quite disenchanted with the idea of moving right now. We LOVE our little house and I think the answer is to down size our STUFF (ok, MY stuff) and stay another 5 years or so. Since I had packed away much of my fibery "stuff" as to make the house appear bigger for showing it, I have started to unpack and move back in. lol

I almost have my studio/guest room put back together and I am ready to start listing on etsy regularly again! Look for updates starting this weekend!!!

I have realized amongst the packing and unpacking that I have a bit of a hoarding tendency. I do NOT like this about myself and it needs to change. Wool is a renewable resource so I don't need to buy it like there will never be more. I am going to be very selective on my purchases and enjoy the process of it all more. That is my goal and my focus at this time. I started my little shop because I LOVE doing it. I am 'going back to my roots' and will be simplifying my life whenever possible. It is all about enjoyment and balance right? :)

I am still hoping to get into a couple more festivals this summer. I need to get in contact with a few people and see where I stand on wait lists. I am also considering a local artisan market. Welcome to the Summer of SIMPLIFY!!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

FESTIVAL REVIEW! - Michigan Fiber Fiesta, Greenville, MI

I had only 3 weeks to prepare for the festival, as I got in due to a last minute cancellation BUT I think I did pretty well! It was a very fun festival, but not too many buyers. I had a great time talking about drum carding, doing demos, and instructing some brave souls that decided to try it out in front of the group.

Here are some pics of my booth setup:

Fiber Buffet - I debuted my 'Fiber Buffet' at this festival and it was a HUGE hit! I had hand dyed ingredients, as well as angelina, sari silk, and more for those that card or felt. This was a HUGE hit and I will definitely be continuing this!

Handspun Yarn - Always a conversation piece. Many questions about corespun.

Gifts and Goodies - Spindle Kits, Nuno Kits, Ornaments, and more!

Batts - Didn't sell well at this festival, unfortunately not many spinners. LOTS headed for the SHOP very soon!

All in all a good festival! I understand they are changing the weekend for next year however and it is my Birthday weekend. :( I might have to pass on this one for next year, but it was a very good time this year!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Equipment Review - Trindle

Let me start by saying that I am not a proficient spindle spinner. I admire those who are, but I have never had the desire to put a lot of effort into it. HOWEVER, spindles have found their way into my life because they are so mobile and easy to take with you and when you are already carrying a purse, diaper bag, kiddo, and whatever else, that is definitely a plus.

When I vended at the Michigan Fiber Festival in 2009 my booth neighbor Gale, from GalesArt was selling Trindles. I watched as she spun with ease on them and the beautiful arrangements kept diminishing throughout the weekend. So by Sunday afternoon I decided to give it a try. WOW was I impressed. It spun SO much longer than any other spindle I had ever spun on! I had to have one! I took my new baby home and up on the shelf she went. Well recently I have busted out my trindle and taken her on the road with me. Although she has suffered a minor break and repair, she spins just fine.

Upon visiting the etsy site for "research" purposes I noticed the trindles have been redesigned with removable arms, which DEFINITELY solves the problem as to why mine broke. Be sure to check out Trindleman on etsy.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Update regarding Michigan Fiber Fiesta NEXT weekend.

I know Maryland Sheep and Wool is THIS weekend but for you Michigan folks that can't travel that far, come to the Fiber Fiesta next weekend! OR BETTER YET, BOTH!!! lol But if you do go to both save some money for the fiesta because I am getting my booth ready and I am SO excited about what I will have to offer. Based on the Michigan Fiber Festival I did 2 years ago I have tweeked and added a few things that will make my booth extra special!

This will be the first festival I will be introducing my Build-a-Batt BUFFET! Not only will I have my personal UNIQUE (medium texture), INSIDE OUT (high texture), and JELLY ROLL (smooth texture) hand carded batts for the spinners and felters in the bunch but I will also have a wide selection of your favorite add-ins and hand dyed goodies for all the carders in the bunch as well!!!

The plan for the buffet at this time is to have my drum carder available for use and instruction with any purchase. I will be doing carding demos throughout the day as time permits. Feel free to stop by and ask questions!

I will also have a nice selection of fiber related gifts, and of course handspun yarn. Be sure to stop by! Every purchase will receive a secret coupon code for FREE SHIPPING for the remainder of 2011 in my etsy shop!!!

Private Lessons

If you are local to the Muskegon, MI area and in need of Spinning, Weaving, Felting, or Drum Carding instruction I would be more than happy to help!

Private lessons are $30 per hour, with a 2 hour minimum (Can be split into 2 sessions if you prefer.) Email me to work out the details,

I specialize in spinning Bulky Singles, 2-plies, Navajo/Chain Plied, and Corespun yarns. I also can share my knowledge on needle felting, wet felting, nuno felting or weaving with a rigid heddle loom. My main area of expertise however is in fiber blending and drum carding. Please visit my etsy shop for examples of my work.

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