Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Equipment Review - Trindle

Let me start by saying that I am not a proficient spindle spinner. I admire those who are, but I have never had the desire to put a lot of effort into it. HOWEVER, spindles have found their way into my life because they are so mobile and easy to take with you and when you are already carrying a purse, diaper bag, kiddo, and whatever else, that is definitely a plus.

When I vended at the Michigan Fiber Festival in 2009 my booth neighbor Gale, from GalesArt was selling Trindles. I watched as she spun with ease on them and the beautiful arrangements kept diminishing throughout the weekend. So by Sunday afternoon I decided to give it a try. WOW was I impressed. It spun SO much longer than any other spindle I had ever spun on! I had to have one! I took my new baby home and up on the shelf she went. Well recently I have busted out my trindle and taken her on the road with me. Although she has suffered a minor break and repair, she spins just fine.

Upon visiting the etsy site for "research" purposes I noticed the trindles have been redesigned with removable arms, which DEFINITELY solves the problem as to why mine broke. Be sure to check out Trindleman on etsy.

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Private Lessons

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