Thursday, June 2, 2011

Change of Heart and Time to Refocus

Well our house is for sale BUT we aren't very optimistic about selling it and have actually become quite disenchanted with the idea of moving right now. We LOVE our little house and I think the answer is to down size our STUFF (ok, MY stuff) and stay another 5 years or so. Since I had packed away much of my fibery "stuff" as to make the house appear bigger for showing it, I have started to unpack and move back in. lol

I almost have my studio/guest room put back together and I am ready to start listing on etsy regularly again! Look for updates starting this weekend!!!

I have realized amongst the packing and unpacking that I have a bit of a hoarding tendency. I do NOT like this about myself and it needs to change. Wool is a renewable resource so I don't need to buy it like there will never be more. I am going to be very selective on my purchases and enjoy the process of it all more. That is my goal and my focus at this time. I started my little shop because I LOVE doing it. I am 'going back to my roots' and will be simplifying my life whenever possible. It is all about enjoyment and balance right? :)

I am still hoping to get into a couple more festivals this summer. I need to get in contact with a few people and see where I stand on wait lists. I am also considering a local artisan market. Welcome to the Summer of SIMPLIFY!!!

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I love your little house too. You inspired me with your blue glass collection as it added so much color to a smaller space. We just down-sized dramatically but you reminded me that I can still make it my own. Good luck with your unpacking.

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